Beautiful portrait photos for everyone!
Portraits+ turns your simple snapshots into beautiful portrait photos with a simple touch.

Faces are detected automatically and a 'Bokeh' effect is added to your image, hassle free. Produce a high quality photograph, no expensive hardware required.

It works on any photo you take or select from your library. And the app comes with loads of filters to make your photos truly stunning. Try it now!

Universal app
Portraits+ is available for iPhone and iPad.
  • take photos with the integrated camera or select from your photo library
  • add a bokeh / blur effect to your image
  • turn your snapshot of a person into a truly beautiful portrait
  • select position, size and intensity of the effect
  • add and adjust filters
  • crop your image
  • and export stunning photos!
  • New for Mac:
    Market Junkie 2
    Market Junkie 2.0 has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up. With our brand new design it's even easier to keep an eye on the stock market and your investments.

    We've also added a ton of new features! Ranging from simple and useful, like an integrated currency converter. To the complex and extremely powerful, like our comprehensive research tool.

    And of course we still have interactive charts, easy portfolio managment, an overview of the world markets, custom alerts and lots of useful data.

    Whatever is happening in the markets,
    Market Junkie lets you know!
    Market Junkie Mobile
    With Market Junkie you can easily manage you stock portfolio and keep an eye on the market.

    Intuitive management, integrated stock search and charts (intraday and longtime) make your life and investment easier.

    And with the our additional Pro Services you have access to a lot of additional information about companies, currencies and market events.

    Whatever is happening in the markets,
    Market Junkie lets you know!
    Quick Domain Check
    iPhone + android

    With Quick Domain Check you can check the availability of domain-names fast and easy.

    Just enter a name and QDC checks top-level and country-code top-level domains simultaneously.

    Quick Domain Check Version 2 has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

    New design, faster a lot of useful new features. Enjoy!

    Oh, and it's a free download.
    Currency Converter
    by dev.LUX

    Currency Converter by dev.LUX is the smart and easy currency converter for every day.

    Whether it's a quick conversion between to currencies in the office or finding out the price of something in your travel destination. Currency Converter finds you the right information.

    Automatic detection of local currency and offline mode included.

    Oh, and it's a free download.